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About Us

I first became fascinated with Burmese cats in the early 1990s after seeing a picture of a stunning blue female on the front cover Cats Annual. Since 1981 I had bred and shown dogs very successfully, making up several champions in the UK . The lovely blue girl who had caught my eye was Supreme Grand Champion Bambino Bluebelle, owned and bred by Barbara Boizard-Neil of the world famous Bambino Burmese.  I made up my mind that I had to own one of these beautiful cats.

I  contacted Barbara, asking to go on a waiting list for one of her kittens.  Eventually, in 1993, Bambino Cristabella and Bambino Bluribbons came to live with me – life has never been the same since!

Both girls were shown successfully, eventually becoming champions. Unfortunately Cristabella never produced any kittens but Bluribbons more than made up for that.  In her first litter (sired by her half brother Ch Bambino Brittania Rules) she gave me Ch Riordan Angelic Upstart my first home bred champion. In turn Angel went on to give me Grand Champion Riordan Angel Dust – my first lilac.

For her second litter Bluribbons went to a cream boy (Gr Ch & Gr Pr Poyru Crème Brulee). There was only one girl in the litter, a blue tortie, who I kept. She was shown very successfully becoming Grand Champion Riordan Wild Colours my first home bred Grand Champion. For her third litter Bluribbons was mated to Grand Champion Mainman Master Craftsmen which gave me the stunning UK Grand Champion Riordan Irresistible (see her on the Our Girls page). From her I bred Champion Riordan Pure Shores and Champion Riordan Steel Magnolia.

From my good friend Sue Neate I purchased a red girl, Anokhi Testarossa. Although Sierra never became a champion herself she had some stunning babies including Champion Riordan Bright Spark, Champion Riordan Modern Millie (both reds) and Champion Riordan Material Girl, a chocolate tortie. It was also from Sue that I got my first stud boy Grand Champion Anokhi Flashback in 1998. Charlie has given me some lovely babies including the Champions Pure Shores, Steel Magnolia and Material Girl.

Later on I was also lucky enough to own UK Grand Champion Bambino Rainmaker a super cream boy who came to live with me as a 14 week old kitten. Woody sired some beautiful babies both for me and other breeders despite being used very little at stud.

The big move

In 2006 I moved with my cats from the UK to Perth in Western Australia, where I had grown up.

We have now settled close to the city centre in Bayswater, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Swan River.

I am a registered breeder with CatsWA and show at most of the shows here in Perth – which are held during the cooler months from March to October.

A picture of a beautiful blue Burmese, all those years ago, truly changed my life and brought me some wonderful friends from all over the world. I look forward to the next chapter……………

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